Meet Your Caregivers: Kara Bowen — Physical Therapist

Kara Bowen, Physical Therapist

Meet Your Caregivers: Kara Bowen — Physical Therapist

Kara has been a Physical Therapist for eight years, and has been with HDH Physical and Sports Therapy for three years. She and her husband, Matthew, moved to Burns from upstate New York, where he had been completing his graduate work. They both wanted to come back west to be closer to their families, and began submitting applications all around the Pacific Northwest.

“Burns kind of found us,” Kara said.

Matthew obtained a position at Symmetry Care, and they helped connect Kara to HDH.

Kara said most of her career has been spent working in hospital and skilled rehabilitation settings.

“I was excited about the opportunity to work in both settings, as well as home health and outpatient, so that I could follow patients through several stages of their care.”

She said what she loves best about Harney County is the people.

“People are kind and hard-working. I was nervous about being so far away from a big city, but the community here helped it feel like home.”

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