Slide Panorama of female holding cancer patient hand CAN Cancer of Harney County

What is CAN Cancer?

CAN Cancer is Community Assistance for Neighbors with Cancer. It is a local funding program that provides community assistance to help cover non-medical expenses for Harney County residents fighting any form of cancer. The program was established by Gil, Corinne and Stu Martinez of Wilderness Garbage in cooperation with all the Central Oregon Garbage Haulers.

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Harney District Hospital and C&B Sanitary Services are working together in Harney County to give our residents assistance in their fight against cancer.

Every Dollar Stays Local

One hundred percent of all the money contributed is deposited into the CAN Cancer fund at Harney District Hospital and goes directly toward local residents fighting cancer. This fund assists in paying for non-medical expenses that insurance or other programs don’t cover, such as gas and lodging. The only eligibility requirements are that you have cancer, live in Harney County and plan to receive cancer treatment.

How Can You ‘Pitch In’?

Cancer diagnosis can be a financial and emotional strain. Survivors agree that fighting the disease requires every ounce of their emotional and physical strength. Any financial assistance we can provide will lessen their burden. CAN Cancer relies on support from our local community to give our neighbors a fighting chance. Donations can be made to the CAN Cancer fund at Harney District Hospital using this donation form. Also, throughout the year, please watch for our donation can, and events that benefit CAN Cancer. For upcoming events, please check our event calendar.

For more information about CAN Cancer or how to donate, contact Savanna Cate at 541-573-8614.

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