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Harney District Hospital provides a full schedule of visiting medical specialists from Bend, Oregon for the convenience of our patients. If your care provider has recommended that specialty care be part of your health care plan, schedule your appointment here in Harney County.


Our Affiliated Clinics

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The Center

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St. Charles Cancer Center

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Visiting Specialist Schedule
NewSun Energy & Harney District Hospital Specialty Care Clinic

April 19: Dr. Erickson, Oncology/Hematology
April 21: Dr. Bollom, Orthopedics
April 27: Dr. Sedehi, Cardiology
April 28: Dr. Sedehi, Cardiology

May 3: Dr. Brown, Orthopedics
May 4: Dr. Brown, Orthopedics
May 4: Dr. Sedehi, Cardiology
May 7: Gary Lachenmyer, Neurosurgery
May 12: Dr. Gulvin, Oncology/Hematology
May 18: Dr. Sedehi, Cardiology
May 19: Dr. Sedehi, Cardiology
May 19: Dr. Bollom, Orthopedics
May 21: Dr. Ballard, Vascular Surgery
May 25: Dr. Reed, Oncology/Hematology
May 27: Dr. Wisco/Dr. Clark, Dermatology MOHS

June 1: Dr. Sedehi, Cardiology
June 3: Dr. Verheyden, Orthopedics
June 7: Dr. Clover, Oncology/Hematology
June 11: Dr. Long, Vascular Surgery
June 15: Dr. Sedehi, Cardiology
June 16: Dr. Sedehi, Cardiology

June 16: Dr. Bollom, Orthopedics
June 24: Dr. Martin, Oncology/Hematology

July 9: Dr. Jundt, Vascular Surgery
July 15:
Dr. Verheyden, Orthopedics
July 16:
Dr. Fitzmaurice, Oncology/Hematology
July 21:
Dr. Bollom, Orthopedics
July 30:
Dr. Hinz, Orthopedics

August 6: Dr. Jundt, Vascular Surgery
August 11: Dr. Gulvin, Oncology/Hematology
August 18:
Dr. Bollom, Orthopedics
August 24:
Dr. Reed, Oncology/Hematology
August 26:
Dr. Verheyden, Orthopedics

September 10: Dr. Long, Vascular Surgery
September 13: Dr. Clover, Oncology/Hematology
September 15:
Dr. Bollom, Orthopedics
September 23:
Dr. Martin, Oncology/Hematology

October 6: Dr. Calomeni, Oncology/Hematology 
October 7:
Dr. Verheyden, Orthopedics
October 8: Dr. Ballard, Vascular Surgery 
October 18:
Dr. Erickson, Oncology/Hematology 
October 20:
Dr. Bollom, Orthopedics
October 29:
Dr. Hinz, Orthopedics

November 4: Dr. Verheyden, Orthopedics
November 5:
Dr. Fitzmaurice, Oncology/Hematology
November 12: Dr. Nelson, Vascular Surgery
November 16: Dr. Reed, Oncology/Hematology
November 17:
Dr. Bollom, Orthopedics

December 6: Dr. Clover, Oncology/Hematology
December 15:
Dr. Bollom, Orthopedics
December 16:
Dr. Martin, Oncology/Hematology
December 17: Dr. Jundt, Vascular Surgery

Visiting Specialist Schedule
HDH Family Care Clinic

April 6: Sam Christensen, Dermatology
April 13: Jill Conway, Dermatology
April 14: Dr. Wisco, Dermatology
April 20: Sam Christensen, Dermatology
April 27: Sam Christensen, Dermatology
April 29: Korena Larsen-Farris, Pain Management

May 18: Sam Christensen, Dermatology
May 19: Dr. Wisco, Dermatology
May 25: Sam Christensen, Dermatology

June 10: Korena Larsen-Farris, Pain Management
June 15: Sam Christensen, Dermatology
June 22: Sam Christensen, Dermatology
June 29: Sam Christensen, Dermatology

Our Visiting Specialists

Oliver Wisco, DO, FAAD, FACMS
Dermatologist, Mohs Surgeon, Melanoma Specialist

Matthew Clark, MD, FAAD
Dermatologist, Mohs Surgeon

Jill Conway, PA-C
Adult & Pediatric Dermatology

Samuel Christensen, PA-C
Adult & Pediatric Dermatology

Lindsey Clark, PA-C
Adult & Pediatric Dermatology

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Cora Calomeni, MD

Bill Martin, MD

Daniel Sedehi, MD

Brian Erickson, MD

Joshua Gulvin, MD

Christina Fitzmaurice, MD

Richard Reed, MD

Todd Clover, MD

The Center Orthopedic and Neurosurgical Care & Research logo

James Verheyden, MD
Orthopedic Surgery, Hand, Wrist, and Elbow

Anthony Hinz, MD
Orthopedic Surgery, Knee and Shoulder

Timothy Bollom, MD
Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine

David A. Brown, MD
Orthopedic Surgery, Knee, Hip, and Shoulder

Korena Larsen-Farris, PA-C
Physical Medicine & Rehab

Gary Lachenmyer, PA-C