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About Reach Out and Read

Founded in 1989, Reach Out and Read is a national nonprofit that aims to help families make reading a part of their routines, and to supply the books they need to get started. Reach Out and Read works with a network of healthcare providers across the nation to share knowledge and tools with families during routine check-ups. By integrating reading into healthcare, Reach Out and Read reaches 4.8 million children across the country — a quarter of whom come from low-income families. Reading together promotes healthy brain development, furthers language acquisition, and helps families build meaningful bonds. Learn more online at: https://reachoutandread.org/

Reach Out and Read Harney County

Reach Out and Read currently serves 26 counties across the state of Oregon with plans to expand to every corner of the state. The local program, Reach Out and Read Harney County, was granted active status in April 2014. Reach Out and Read Harney County strives to improve home literacy, especially for low-income families, by providing free books to all children ages 6 months to 5 years during well-child visits. Every year, Reach Out and Read Harney County distributes about 1,250 books to children and their siblings during well-child visits and community events. Additionally, providers at Harney District Hospital (HDH) Family Care clinic discuss the importance of reading as a family to parents of young children. Providing free, age-appropriate books to children and discussing literacy topics with parents sets the stage for improved literacy environments at home.