HDH Family Care welcomes two new providers

HDH Family Care welcomes two new providers

Harney District Hospital (HDH) Family Care Clinic is excited to welcome two new providers, Dr. Lincoln Mosier and Dr. Tim Tetzlaff.

Dr. Mosier

No stranger to Eastern Oregon, Dr. Mosier was born and raised in John Day and graduated from Grant Union High School.

After high school, he completed his undergraduate studies at Portland State University before attending medical school at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences in Yakima, Wash.

“I have known that I wanted to be a doctor since I was in the fifth grade, and I have also known that I wanted to practice in a rural community like where I grew up,” Dr. Mosier said. “When I started applying for jobs during residency, I spoke with many job recruiters, and told them that my requirement for a job is that the town could not have a Walmart. Otherwise, it was too big. Many of them thought I was kidding, but I always told them the same thing: Rural America is where I want to raise my kids, and is where I felt I could have the biggest impact in improving the lives and health of my patients.”

In addition to offering primary care, Dr. Mosier will be providing prenatal care and performing deliveries. He’s also been trained in addiction medicine and has a suboxone waiver for treating opioid use disorder.

Dr. Mosier said he views medicine as a partnership between himself and his patients.

“I want to help make people healthier and happier in their own lives,” Dr. Mosier said. “This starts by us working together to make that happen and finding something that works for them.”

He said, “Whether they are a healthy individual who only comes to the doctor once a year, or someone with chronic illness that brings them to the office frequently, I want all of my patients to feel confident that they are getting the best care possible here at home.”

Dr. Tetzlaff

Dr. Tetzlaff grew up in Beaumont, Calif. and graduated from Beaumont High School.

After high school, he moved to Oregon to obtain an undergraduate degree from Willamette University before completing his premedical education at the University of Oregon.

He later attended medical school at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences Saint Kitts. Dr. Tetzlaff went on to complete his residency at the University of Wyoming Family Medicine Residency Program in Casper, Wyo.

When asked why he decided to practice medicine in Harney County, Dr. Tetzlaff said, “Growing up in a small town and training in a rural residency helped steer me to practicing medicine in a small town. I believe that a rural medicine physician has to know a little bit of everything and doesn’t always have the tools and technology that larger cities afford. I believe that working in Harney County will help mold me into the physician who I want to be.”

He added that, “Aside from professional aspirations, my wife and I wanted our children to grow up in a small town, have easy access to the outdoors and recreation, and to be part of a tight-knit community.”

In addition to family medicine, Dr. Tetzlaff is interested in rural emergency medicine. In fact, he spent the past two years moonlighting in emergency rooms throughout Wyoming.

Before entering medical school, he fought wildfires and structure fires and worked as a paramedic.

“I am a laid-back person, but when it comes to the health of my patients, I am fiercely loyal and devote as much of myself as I can to them,” Dr. Tetzlaff said. “I want them to always have a strong advocate — a physician who not only wants to learn about their medical history, but who they are as people. I want to be someone who they can trust as their doctor, but also someone who they would consider as a friend.”

Drs. Mosier and Tetzlaff started seeing patients at HDH Family Care Clinic in August. They are both accepting new patients. Call HDH Family Care at 541-573-2074 to make an appointment.

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