Casey Eye Institute focuses on local vision care

Casey Eye Institute focuses on local vision care

From L-R: Francisco Merino, Dove Spector, Verian Wedeking, and Dr. Mitch Brinks of the Casey Eye Institute dance the can-can outside of the mobile vision clinic.

Harney District Hospital employees Jenni Peirce and Toni Siegner helping at the vision clinic.

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Casey Eye Institute provides eye care for adults and children throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Since 1945, the organization’s doctors and vision scientists have worked together to discover the causes of eye disease, find new treatments, and bring research and patient care together to turn possibilities into realities.

Realizing that it can be difficult for some people to access high-quality vision care, OHSU Casey Eye Institute decided to take its show on the road. Using a 33-foot, fully outfitted mobile unit, the Casey Community Outreach Program is breaking down barriers and bringing eye care into focus by partnering with community agencies that serve low-income, uninsured, and underinsured Oregonians to provide free, on-site vision screenings in a growing number of locations throughout the state.

Since its first voyage in 2010, the Casey Community Outreach Program Mobile Clinic has screened more than 10,075 adults, helped more than 5,970 participants get prescription glasses, and provided referrals for more than 2,390 adults who may have serious vision problems.

Community partners, such as the Oregon Commission for the Blind, often join the Casey Outreach Team to provide information about their services and help participants select glasses, which are funded through the outreach program’s donors.

On June 10, the Casey Community Outreach Program Mobile Clinic stopped by the Harney County Chamber of Commerce in downtown Burns to provide no-cost vision screenings for Harney County community members.

Those who need assistance with further medical support will work with Harney District Hospital, who hosted this vision clinic for the community. Hospital staff also supported the vision clinic by scheduling appointments and checking in participants.

Through this community effort, 16 adults were able to get free vision screenings, with 11 receiving a prescription and glasses at no-cost and access to resources to improve their overall eye health.

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