At HDH Family Care, we believe that Behavioral Health is integral to a patient’s overall health and well-being. Just as physical health issues can be addressed by providers within the primary care setting, behavioral issues can also be addressed by providers working collaboratively with a team of behavioral health specialists.Common behavioral health challenges include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, weight gain, diabetes management, chronic pain management, stress management, alcohol and substance abuse, and tobacco use. HDH Family Care’s integrated behavioral health team includes a behavioral health clinician, a psychotherapist, and a psychiatrist.

Providers and Services

Behavioral Health Consultation

Richard Friday

Richard Friday

LCSW, Behavioral Health Clinician

 Richard joined HDH Family Care in 2015 to provide integrated behavioral health services within the clinic. Working collaboratively with primary care providers, he offers interventions to address a variety of behavioral health issues, including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, insomnia, stress and chronic pain management, and smoking cessation. Treatment approaches include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices, motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, and psychoeducation.

BA, Philosophy, Lewis and Clark College,
Portland, OR

MSW, Portland State University,
Portland, OR


Andrew Vilius


Andrew has a 13-year career in critical care, psychiatric, and consultant nursing. He joined HDH Family Care in 2017 and provides telepsychiatric services in the clinic to adults, children and adolescents.

BSN, Nursing (Focus on Critical Care), Oregon Health and Science University
Portland, OR

MS, Psychiatric Nursing, Oregon Health and Science University,
Portland, OR


Myndi Hemphill

Myndi Hemphill

LCSW, Psychotherapist

Myndi joined HDH Family Care in 2016 and provides psychotherapy to teenagers and adults with a range of mental health concerns, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, panic, abuse and neglect, post-addiction support, grief work, as well as other issues. Treatment approaches include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), cognitive behavioral therapy, and somatic interventions.

BS, Marriage, Family, and Human Development, Brigham Young University,
Provo, UT

MSW, University of Utah,
Salt Lake City, UT