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Harney District Hospital (HDH) has a history of pursuing leading edge projects.  Innovation at HDH ranges from installing a wood pellet heating system in the new facility (saving tens of thousands of dollars in heating costs) to developing physician coverage models for Emergency and Surgery.  With the new hospital facility and staff skilled and growing, HDH is expanding surgery services to include an appropriate range of procedures to encourage patients to seek preventative and low level care at home. 

Currently, people make a 130 mile drive for all but the most basic of surgery services; then drive another 130 miles home to Harney County.  This is not the best care we can give, nor is it the healthiest option for the patient to be such a distance from the discharging hospital.  Anyone in the health care field is aware of the alarming rate of readmissions after surgery.

Be part of this new pilot program, a unique and exciting opportunity to add surgical services for our local community while supporting a flexible schedule for our surgeons.

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General Surgeon



For more information about this opportunity, please contact Harney District Hospital Recruiting & Development's Denise Rose, 541.573.5184.
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Physician Openings
Surgical Procedures
General Surgeon  

Colonoscopy, EGD, Excisions, Inguinal Hernia, Laparoscopy, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.

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Podiatrist 3 days each quarter, depending on service needs

Podiatry Surgery to include Bunionectomy, Capsulotomy, Fusions, Neuromas, Osteotomy (Distal & Proximal).

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Urologist 3 days every month, depending on service needs

Genitourinary Surgery to include Circumcision, Cystoscopy, Hydracelectomy, Internal Urethrotomy, Suprapubic Cystastomy, Nephrectomy, Urethral Dilation.

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