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Pain service patients have often suffered with pain which has outlasted the normal healing period following an injury, or are living with pain related to conditions which have not improved with physical therapy or pain medication. Our Pain Services program provides treatment for patients who suffer from acute or chronic pain and partners with your care provider to treat and manage pain. Addressing pain issues with treatment improves mobility, comfort and quality of life for our patients. In some cases, pain management is also an effective way to maintain patient comfort until surgery can take place.

Medicare and other insurance plans often cover pain management services. Treatment can be preauthorized to ensure coverage.

William Edwards, CRNA

BS Nursing
University of New Mexico

MS Nurse Anesthesia
Medical College of Pennsylvania

*Extensive Training;
Spinal Nerve Blocks
*Certified Hypnotist

Nationally Boarded, AANA

Richard Thein, CRNA

BS Biology
Rutgers College

BS Nursing
Ocean County College

Nurse Anesthesia Cert.;
Jersey Shore Med. Center

Nationally Boarded, AANA

Some health issues which can be treated with pain services:
*Hip and Knee Pain
*Sciatic Pain
*Back and Extremity Pain
*Chronic Pain Conditions
*Nerve Injuries and Blocks
And Many Others

Hypnosis: Adjunct for pain management is a holopathic alternative for on-going pain not relieved by other treatments. Other treatments include Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Concentration, Smoking, Weight Loss and Maternal Birthing.

Infusion Pump Maintenance: Our pain management professionals are certified to provide on-going maintenance and medication for implanted Medtronic Infusion Pumps. They partner with your specialists and local care agencies for your best care.

Please contact Pain Services, 541.573.8605 for more information about managing your pain!

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