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Thank you for visiting the Harney District Hospital Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department. This department was formed in 2000 when the City of Burns Volunteer Fire Department passed ambulance service responsibilities to Harney District Hospital. Our service area encompasses the Burns and Hines communities, as well as the entire Harney County area; over 10,000 square miles!!

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Aside from providing 24/7 emergency coverage for our large county, Harney District Hospital Emergency Medical Services also provides education, emergency coverage of community events and tour opportunities for local school classes.


Harney District Hospital EMS Crew: Travis Lock, Jeff Sceirine, Perrilyn Wells, Christi Banton, Kim Hill, Greta Emang, Matt Littau and Herb Vloedman.


The First Responders need you!!

Many local volunteers have answered the call to help the Harney District EMS team cover the emergencies in our county. First Responders are alerted to emergency situations in their community by 911 dispatchers and are in constant contact by radio with EMS staff until the ambulance arrives on the scene.

First Responders are fully trained in life-saving methods by Harney District Hospital Emergency Medical Technician's (EMT's). They complete a rigorous training program and receive follow-up and special topics training after their graduation from the program.

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